Fridge Art

Who would have thought that mat board pieces from work would turn into a teaching tool for kids. The letters are made from rubber stamps and embossing powder any scrapbook enthusiast will know what I’m talking about. Please feel free to contact me for questions about how this is done, and if you need any colourful mat board pieces I have a lot to share, just ask if you’d like some.These are 2″square tiles each hand painted then the letters have been embossed on. That is a little mirror on the top of WONDER WOMAN just so you can see who you’re talking to.My next project is to fill these colourful picture frames with original lino cut prints of the alphabet. Stay tuned.


About artist and illustrator

I'm a textile artist, resourceful and excited about making things. Dog walks with my pooch "Charlie" is inspiring and an opportunity to develop ideas from nature and people whom we meet on our strolls. There is a story behind my art making, it's in the series, I don't make just one but many from the same idea, but! not one will look like the other, each piece of art is "one-of-a-kind".
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