Dragon’s Halloween – Children’s Book Review

Chapter One – Six Small Pumpkins

It was October, and all the world was orange and brown. Dragon walked through the autumn leaves in search of a giant pumpkin.

This colourful children’s book has three chapters, read all three at once or one each night three days before Halloween. Dragon is a good sport about joining in on the Halloween theme, just when you think it wont work out, poof, Dragon surprises his friends and himself. Three wonderful stories about creativity and final outcomes.

The characters are all outlined in black which separates them from the colourful and patterned background.

The simple forms and strong lines would make for great block prints or linocuts. Dragon’s events prepare the child (5-8) for Halloween; pumpkin season, costumes, noises and an active imagination. These short playful stories will help a child overcome the fear of the uncertainty of the night, or become more creative in their own story telling.

Author; Dav Pilkey – 1993, Orchard Books, New York.


About artist and illustrator

For the last 20 years I worked as a creative picture framer, and supported the visual art industry. I am now a full-time artist and create all day in my studio. I accept commissions for pet portraits, which I customize with linocut carvings, I also work in textile, bird sculptures are my specialty and just one more BIG project I work on daily is my illustrations, Gurple the Purple Dragon being the most active project, My skills as a picture framer will never leave me, I have future projects that incorporate shadowbox frames and my sculpted birds.
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2 Responses to Dragon’s Halloween – Children’s Book Review

  1. Linda Cote says:

    My children and I LOVE the dragon book. The illustrations are lovely, and Dav Pilkey has a great sense of humor. Thanks for this post!

    • Art and Picture Framing says:

      Great to hear that you’re familiar with Dragon’s Halloween. I snatched a few good ideas from the book for my own Halloween fun 🙂 Like the stacked pumpkins. Thanks for reading.

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