How would you like to be served?

I have fun framing objects that I find interesting, and just recently I found these four spoons in my kitchen drawer. I vaguely remember where they came from, but why I kept them I am sure was for the unique opportunity I may have to frame them one day.

How would you like to be served?

With a Silver Spoon? or  on a Silver Platter?

I value customer service therefore a silver spoon would be my preference. I have however decided that the spoons would work well as barens for the linocut printmaking classes. Hey! work and play with silver spoons.

Why someone would frame an individual object would be to preserve the sentimental value. If it is a silver spoon make sure that it is well polished and that it is secure in the frame by a dab of silicone or thread, stitch a thread into the mat board then wrapped around the spoon handle.For more questions on framing objects please contact me at


About artist and illustrator

For the last 20 years I worked as a creative picture framer, and supported the visual art industry. I am now a full-time artist and create all day in my studio. I accept commissions for pet portraits, which I customize with linocut carvings, I also work in textile, bird sculptures are my specialty and just one more BIG project I work on daily is my illustrations, Gurple the Purple Dragon being the most active project, My skills as a picture framer will never leave me, I have future projects that incorporate shadowbox frames and my sculpted birds.
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2 Responses to How would you like to be served?

  1. this is a wonderful idea, I am sure Chinz and co. would sell dozens of them!

    • Art and Picture Framing says:

      Thank you so much Janice. I’ll have to send Chinz and co. a copy of the blog. I thought that restaurants would like it as an entrance piece.

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