Where Poppies Grow – Children’s Book Review

Canadian Remembrance Day is November 11. The Red Poppies are at every check-out counter and building entrances reminding us of the occasion.

How fortunate to jump right out of Halloween into a season of reflection and gratitude. Teachers are given a great opportunity to bring a global purpose to their education practice during the month of November. Remembrance Day brings a community of countries together, by the global placement of memorials such as the one in; St. Julien, Belgium or the one in London, England, also in Ottawa, Canada., Calgary, AB.

Linda Granfield author of “Where Poppies Grow” has pages of WWI resources like; photos, postcards, paintings, letters and poems in both colour and black and white scattered throughout this book. I am most impressed with Granfield’s ability to get to the point in her second paragraph she writes:

There was no single reason why the war began. Some European countries, like Germany, craved more power. Others, like France, wanted revenge for past wrongs, while Britain feared Germany’s growing fleet and industrial power. People were primed for war. The murder of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, in June 1914, was the spark that lit this ready tinder.

Author Granfield is a Canadian focusing on Canadian stories in Where Poppies Grow. Children will love this book because it answers all the “Why” questions, with lots of visials to back it up.  The book progresses from informative history: people, places and things into personal soldier stories through postcards and letters. The most familiar is the page that has “The Poppy Poem”  on page 32 In Flanders Fields, why the poem was written along with a photo of the soldier who wrote it.Animals are easy to relate to sometime rather than adults that have a lot of words and work. The story of Winnie the Pooh is part of the charm in this book as well as the horses during the war, which reminds me of the movie War Horse, (please watch the trailer) it will stir emotions.

Where do the poppies grow, well Flanders Field of course. BUT I feel as though the author is telling us that poppies grow where ever FREEDOM is prominent and what was sacrificed for it.

If you are unable to find a book to read during the season of Remembrance Day please click on some of the links provided and enjoy a movie or old postcards from the Great Wars. Linda Granfield has a few history books for children all worth reading.





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