Shadow Box Picture Framing – Horseshoe

Family History Matters – Last Christmas season I made this sentimental gift for a grandchild of a retired farming couple. Everything in the box has personal sentiment;

  1. the cameo belonged to the grandmother
  2. the black and white photo of the farm house
  3. another brooch from grandma
  4. a baseball cap
  5. and a horseshoe

IMG_0386The Black suede mat board and individual windows emphasized each pieces.IMG_0384The baseball cap was flatten, but with the button on top of the cap and the visor it is noticeably a baseball cap. The rusted horseshoe is protected with a varnish., then stitched on top of the cap and through the suede mat board.

IMG_0388Wall Buddies help the heavy frame hang flush with the wall securely.

Working with sentimental objects brings purpose and meaning to my work. Shadowbox picture framing protects family heirlooms and creates a show piece for all to appreciate.

In one shadowbox frame you can display a delicate Cameo brooch with a rustic horseshoe and ENJOY it.


About artist and illustrator

I'm a textile artist, resourceful and excited about making things. Dog walks with my pooch "Charlie" is inspiring and an opportunity to develop ideas from nature and people whom we meet on our strolls. There is a story behind my art making, it's in the series, I don't make just one but many from the same idea, but! not one will look like the other, each piece of art is "one-of-a-kind".
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