Sherlock Bones and the Missing Cheese – Children’s Book Review

By Susan Stevens Crummel illustrated by Dorothy Donohue

This story is based on “The Farmer in the Dell”. Stevens Crummel has created a playful tale based on a few fables and novels, including “Jack and the Bean Stalk” and Sherlock Holmes.

The Dog theme did  catch my eye on the bookshelf but the art or illustrations really impressed me. Donohue could be considered a fibre  artist, with her pieces of fabric and textured paper, the element of 3D and a tactile sense is created on the storybook pages. I’d like to give the photographer for the illustrations a pat on the back for helping to implement the unique quality of Donohue’s work.

This story is fun for the whole family because of the familiar play on the characters even the song Farmer in the Dell. The illustrations are investigative for me, I enjoy trying to decipher what type fabric she used for the images, especially the buildings.

Fibre art is something that I am personally working on now, along with a few dog sculptures made from papier mache. I’ve conveniently made children book reviews and illustrations part of my inspiration for my own art making.




About artist and illustrator

I'm a textile artist, resourceful and excited about making things. Dog walks with my pooch "Charlie" is inspiring and an opportunity to develop ideas from nature and people whom we meet on our strolls. There is a story behind my art making, it's in the series, I don't make just one but many from the same idea, but! not one will look like the other, each piece of art is "one-of-a-kind".
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  1. What a beautiful book. look this one up for my new great grandson.

  2. Yes! I agree very creative. Congratulations on your new family member, that is pretty exciting news. 🙂

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