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ADVENTURE – Illustration Friday

This weeks theme ADVENTURE – Pull in the colour and adventure for life. The Fall season in Calgary has been spectacular, lovely weather. I spend much of my time on Nose Hill, observing life and with the Halloween season here … Continue reading

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STUFFED – Illustration Friday

This weeks theme “stuffed” with Illustration Friday. I usually FEEL stuffed from thanksgiving dinner and my dog Charlie loves his STUFFIES (plush toys). However for the past week I’ve been stuffing bags with Fall leaves, and my friend and I … Continue reading

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STAR – Illustration Friday

Star is the theme of the week, Illustration Friday, I’ve been a little slow at getting it up and out but here they are my Northern Flickers, five pointing beaks with a five pointed star. Though they aren’t night birds … Continue reading

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INK – Illustration Friday

This week with Illustration Friday the theme is “Ink”. My inspiration came from Nose Hill Park, where I visit every day to stay healthy, mentally and physically. This natural park area is 11 square kilometers, a vast amount of wildlife … Continue reading

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Prize – Illustration Friday

Theme for this week with Illustration Friday is PRIZE The song that adds colour to the world is a true PRIZE. ┬áThis song bird has attracted an audience of many different birds from the city. The PRIZE song. Please visit … Continue reading

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