Little Chairs for baby Dragons …. part 1

Gurple Chairs…

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My dog Charlie and I love our walks, and when Spring rolls around our “dog walks” are opportunity to find resourceful materials to create art with. During one of our walks in early May 2017, we saw these two little chairs on the outside of a fence (in the alley) with the words “FREE” attached to them.

I knew that Charlie nor I would be able to use them, but the opportunity for creativity was knocking. So the story begins.

Who would have guessed how much work goes into sanding and removing layers of yellow and orange paint, YIKES! Then, the slow process of thinking about what to do with these cute little chairs…..

Gurple ! Finally came to mind, do you remember her?

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These little chairs still have work to be done on them and will soon be a part of Gurple story time.


About artist and illustrator

For the last 20 years I worked as a creative picture framer, and supported the visual art industry. I am now a full-time artist and create all day in my studio. I accept commissions for pet portraits, which I customize with linocut carvings, I also work in textile, bird sculptures are my specialty and just one more BIG project I work on daily is my illustrations, Gurple the Purple Dragon being the most active project, My skills as a picture framer will never leave me, I have future projects that incorporate shadowbox frames and my sculpted birds.
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