I’m a Winner

of : Reflecto Girl’s Lost Notebook

It’s always a lovely surprise when you win something, this prize came in the mailbox (snail mail) all the way from the UK, by Violet Plum of Violet’s veg*n e-comics.

The package was a welcomed gift, the book came with a handful of colourful postcards. Inside was an awesome journal “Bus Dpot Lost Property #2471: Reflecto Girl’s Lost notebook” and some great recipes, along with room to add my own notes and stories.

On a funny note I noticed that this issue was actually printed in Charleston, SC, USA, first addition was published in Great Britain.

*A creative adventure memo, check out this website vag design, recommended by Violet Plum.

*vegan books for children

Thank you for the gift.



About artist and illustrator

For the last 20 years I worked as a creative picture framer, and supported the visual art industry. I am now a full-time artist and create all day in my studio. I accept commissions for pet portraits, which I customize with linocut carvings, I also work in textile, bird sculptures are my specialty and just one more BIG project I work on daily is my illustrations, Gurple the Purple Dragon being the most active project, My skills as a picture framer will never leave me, I have future projects that incorporate shadowbox frames and my sculpted birds.
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