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For the last 20 years I worked as a creative picture framer, and supported the visual art industry. I am now a full-time artist and create all day in my studio. I accept commissions for pet portraits, which I customize with linocut carvings, I also work in textile, bird sculptures are my specialty and just one more BIG project I work on daily is my illustrations, Gurple the Purple Dragon being the most active project, My skills as a picture framer will never leave me, I have future projects that incorporate shadowbox frames and my sculpted birds.

Anyone for a game with Gurple

Stick around to see what Gurple is up to for the Holiday season. Continue reading

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Inspired by Nature

The Fall season is upon us. Charlie & I have gone on a few awesome nature walks. Can you spot Charlie in the foliage? Thanksgiving weekend gave me the opportunity to be part of nature and wonder through the forest. … Continue reading

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Swainson’s Hawk family still near by

It has become the morning routine for this family of Hawks to stop by the playground behind my place. Today there was only one perched up on the playground bars, and the Magpies were pestering it, however, it continued to … Continue reading

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Swainson’s Hawks – Patient Parent

This morning September 5, 2017 while human children were starting back to school, these two juvenile hawks were being coached by their parent to fly. The long screech of the parent hawk is like our “Coooooooooooooooooome On Your Gooooooooooooooooooing to … Continue reading

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Neighbourhood Hawks – Inspirational Continue reading

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Adventure with friends at YYC Airport

Chicago has an airport therapy pig 🙂 true
Somewhere in Texas they have airport therapy ponies Continue reading

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I’m a Winner

of : Reflecto Girl’s Lost Notebook It’s always a lovely surprise when you win something, this prize came in the mailbox (snail mail) all the way from the UK, by Violet Plum of Violet’s veg*n e-comics. The package was a … Continue reading

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Dog Days at the YYC Airport

Airport Therapy Dogs at YYC Continue reading

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Dog Day

PALS Calgary & Pre-Boarding PALS at YYC airport Continue reading

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Little Chairs for baby Dragons …. part 1

Gurple is a friend to all, she loves to help work out problems with children through stories. Continue reading

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