Guard Dog – Needs a new home

“Guard Dog” dressed up for YOU.

She (or he) is looking for a new home. Her adoption papers will tell you;

  • weighs 30lbs, Height 19″, Width 18″, length 50″
  • very quiet, great listener
  • flexible with fashion, willing to wear nothing and is open to a new coat of paint or artistic expression
  • made from paper mache and fabric

Why “Guard Dog” would be good for you and your family.

  • ready to paint and design to your own creative appeal
  • family time away from the computer, hands on art project
  • personalize your home and rename the dog

What not to do with “Guard Dog”;

  • sit on her, she’s not a toy (she has feelings)
  • leave her outside in the rain (may become very sad)
  • pull on her tail (it may fall off)

Be Prepared;

  • you’ll have to speak on behalf of the dog, though, she doesn’t mind if you put “post-it” notes on her
  • moving her can prove to be a bit awkward
  • make sure she is comfortable on a flat surface

Starting bid $500.

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Charlie and Friends at the YYC Airport

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Amazing! the greatest guests and staff at YYC airport, fly_yyc know how to snuggle and share the affection with our Airport Therapy Dogs.

The dog’s white bandanas and red vest with “PET ME” are hard to miss when traveling in a pack of three or four. Often times, we can just imagine what the dogs are saying to one another, like “shotgun”, and one rides on the front seat of the famous YYC LINK.

What does the slang term shotgun mean?
(slang) The front passenger seat in a vehicle, next to the driver; so called because the position of the shotgun-armed guard on a horse-drawn stage-coach, wagon train, or gold transport was next to the driver on a forward-mounted bench seat. I call shotgun! (I claim the right to sit in the passenger seat.)

Sadie and Darby, Charlie’s angels, love belly rubs and attract a crowd when they lay down to submit to affectionate humans. Charlie seems to find people who are sitting minding their own business and promptly rests his body at their feet.

As we approach summer and of course the Stampede our dogs will be busy with the party atmosphere at YYC airport.


Pet Access League Society

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Airport Therapy Dogs at YYC

Sometimes you have to wonder….

which one of us is more entertained; the volunteers, the children, the parents, the on lookers, the cameras, the DOGS?

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We love it when parents want their children to pet the dogs, we have so much fun watching the interaction and the progression of the kids slowly getting closer and closer to our furry friends. There’s a few shot with the dogs and a whined up rabbit,  they were not fooled by the fake rabbit, they know the “real thing” when they see it.

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When adults feel the excitement about PALS dogs, we do too. Some feel compelled to get down with the dogs and really make this therapy pet enjoy the company (and massage). The vest says it all “Pet Me”.

Who doesn’t like to hear a good dog story, other than a cat? We, volunteers really love the pet and animal stories we hear from around the world, we can’t get enough, please keep visiting us. WE LOVE IT.

What would I do without my cell phone camera! All these photos are snap shots of me clicking with one hand and holding a leash with the other.

Enjoy your weekend. Here are a few fun commercials to entertain you.



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Collage Textile art – Birds & Buttons

For the love of Birds (& dogs) paper and fabric collage with buttons and threads.

Each piece is framed, 14 inch square.

I’m inspired by the seasons, my favorite is Spring, but if you ask me in the Fall which is my favorite, I’ll say Fall.

Visit me at the art sale tomorrow, you may see one of the seasons, the collage art.

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Dog Day!!! Therapy Pets

Wishing you a Wonderful Day!

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Spreading the love, works both ways, the giving and the receiving.

You’ll find some great shots in the slide show, including Koda (Takoda) and Victoria, Sadie and Susan, Darby and Pattie, Charlie and me, plus all the guests and workers at YYC airport.

It’s pretty exciting when we spot one of our own. Paparazzi shot of Cardu and Hilgar on YYC Link.

Have a great weekend!

Please support PALS Calgary


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little things matter – especially birds

and dogs 🙂


a little bit of inspiration for the Spring season.

These 4X5 framed birds are collage and thread, with paper and fabric.

I feel as though these birds can easily be transformed into fish, the tail has a wisp to it like a fish would use to swim. Art can be interpreted in many ways, let your imagination and creative thoughts be expressed today.

I’d love to hear from you.

susan fae art at g mail. com

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Four Red Boxes & Bird art

Take me home

The art sale this weekend isn’t all about the red box and blue birds, there are; lino-cut prints and paintings for sale as well. These textile birds have taken a great amount of my time, making and creating, it has been fun sharing the excitement as I and they have grown.

Each blue bird comes in a red box, they have a name and a purpose. Just in case you haven’t noticed the detail on the bottom I’ve placed a mirror for each of them to rest on.

I’ve notice that a large craft store carries display cases for sports objects like footballs and basketballs, these birds would be well protected and display nicely in them as well. There is also a pet store that carries fish aquariums, my textile bird sculptures would display nicely in too (with out the water of course).

Please visit us at MRU Faculty Ctr. this weekend.

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Four Blue Bird sculptures – textiles

blue bird

the famous four

  1. Happiness – The blue bird of happiness
  2. Breezie – like the cool breeze in the summer
  3. Sky – like the sky above you
  4. Sea – like the water

Each blue bird will graduate this weekend to a new home, I hope that they bring joy to their new residence.

susan fae art at gmail dot com

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An impression of Western Blue Birds

Meet “Sky” & “Sea” or Beep and Chirp as I fondly call them.

peep & chirp 6

Yikes! these two took way too long to finish. A lot of layering and playing with patterns.

Both sculptures are named after the colour of the sky and sea, also share the same unpredictable patterns and textures the weather creates above and below.

The Western Mountain Blue Bird has a beautiful orange breast and some on their back, this is what gave me the idea to create a variation of colours. Since blue and orange compliment one another the finished birds have a vibrant personality and I guess a bit of a comical looking character.

peep & chirp 7

See you this weekend at MRU Faculty Centre, Art Sale May 6 & 7th – 10 – 4.

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Dog Therapy Day – Airport YYC

Airport Therapy Dog Charlie enjoys the loving at YYC airport, especially the expert chin and head massage. Great day to fly when you find a PALS dog to visit.

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We are at the airport to relieve the stress and anxiety in the pre-boarding area, but we love to tell people that we are also a free vacuum service for the airport and that anyone with a Tim Horton’s bag receives an extra snuggle (just in case there’s crumbs to be inhaled:).

What would we do without all those loving hands that give us and our dogs such JOY.

It really is a wonderful thing to share your pet with others, but even more rewarding to hear about other peoples pets and how they miss them while they travel. The stories and photos people share with us on our volunteer shift at YYC airport has helped me to appreciate Charlie and his gentle disposition to a higher level.


PALS Pet Access League Society

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