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Marvel at the Marbled Paper Crow – Art

Elegant in Black – Art Bird The next series of bird sculptures are Papier & fabric-mâché base, like the others but more of a fabric based shape,  and loaded with stylized paper feathers. Two of the bird forms developed into … Continue reading

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Airplane – Gurple missed her flight

Gurple is such a good-natured dragon that she really didn’t mind missing her flight just a little surprised. Watch to see what she does tomorrow.

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Bath-time with Gurple

Gurple loves WATER. When it’s time to get cleaned up in the blue waters of EARTH she floats on her back for relaxation and blows bubbles from her nose for FUN. It’s important to drink a lot of water to … Continue reading

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Bead Bugs with Picture Frame wire

Sometimes you just want to have fun! Fidgeting with picture frame wire, twirling it and making funny objects with it and sometimes creating with colourful beads. This summer my creative inspiration comes from a wonderful person by the name of … Continue reading

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