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Anyone for a game with Gurple

Stick around to see what Gurple is up to for the Holiday season. Continue reading

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Gurple sings in the Choir

Gurple the Purple Dragon isn’t use to sharing the page with friends, she squished herself into a group portrait with her choir, singing “DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD”.Ha not really but they are singing. Gurple would like to start school soon, what should she … Continue reading

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Slowly moving South with Gurple

Gurple the Purple Dragon is Canadian. She loves being home where the weather is a combination of Hot and Cold, she’s grown to be adaptable in different atmospheres. Gurple loves summer events in Canada. Would you like to see Gurple … Continue reading

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Phew! Gurple made it through

Gurple the Purple Dragon made it through the tunnel, and the train horn blows with excitement. It’s Friday, you may have the same feeling of relief that Gurple has, with it being the end of the work week for some. … Continue reading

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Ah! Speed! Out & About with Gurple

Still two wheel just a little more zip! Gurple the Purple Dragon out and about with Motor Scooter. Big ole Gurple finds that the scooter is FUN and takes a little more BRAIN power rather than leg power (exercise). Now … Continue reading

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Wag the Tail with Gurple

Moving on…. EMOTIONS to MOTION with Gurple the Purple Dragon. WAG THE TAIL this is a good sign, Gurple is playing with her ball. Flapping her wings with excitement and ready to get back into Summer mode. Thank you for … Continue reading

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Monday Art – Working with Fasteners and the Human body

Monday art is a day that The Art Tree sets aside to create and try something new with the materials and supplies from the Picture Frame studio. Mat board dolls with common fasteners for home and office are the tools … Continue reading

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Fruit Bowl – Kids making Art

First of a series of four drawing and painting classes. Shapes and Colour – A fruit bowl is a healthy way to start the day, why not paint it.Every day objects in your environment make great subjects for art. Even … Continue reading

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Making Black and White Books with Children

This book making project was designed to make something that the kids are familiar with. Storytelling with pictures and words are great visuals, but telling their story from their handmade books would encourage various learning themes. The projects includes black … Continue reading

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Pet Portrait Printmaking

Printmaking with Squares, Circles and Triangles. Sound familiar? A dabber is a thin piece of mat board dipped into the glue and dabbed onto the cardboard shape then stuck to the 8X10 piece of mat board. That is someone’s pet … Continue reading

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