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Marvel at the Marbled Paper Crow – Art

Elegant in Black – Art Bird The next series of bird sculptures are Papier & fabric-mâché base, like the others but more of a fabric based shape,  and loaded with stylized paper feathers. Two of the bird forms developed into … Continue reading

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papier mâché dogs by Susan Fae (ACAD) Calgary

This summer was busy with making dogs out of papier mâché in between work and play I seem to have come out of this summer with a pack of dogs, eight papier ones and one very happy real one, Charlie. … Continue reading

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Clay Day!

Clay is so much fun! The sculpting with tools and the creation of objects adults would never think of, WOW these kids had fun. Before we begin the pinch pots, animal sculptures and the pancake imprints, you must know the … Continue reading

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