Anyone for a game with Gurple


Who would have thought to have a game of backgammon in the middle of a snow covered field.

Do you remember in the spring when I found these chairs, they look very different then. Look at this archived blog post. Soon after I finished painting the chairs, I found this table in the back alley garbage pick up area. There is the naked image of the table in this post . I just recently finished the table, and Fall has brought a beautiful white backdrop for me to photograph them on.


5x7 greeting cards of Gurple the purple dragon

“Gurple the Purple dragon” and her many moods and adventures in the form of 5×7 greeting cards.



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Inspired by Nature

The Fall season is upon us. Charlie & I have gone on a few awesome nature walks. Can you spot Charlie in the foliage?

Thanksgiving weekend gave me the opportunity to be part of nature and wonder through the forest. It was an experience to be grateful for. I took these photos while pondering the outdoors; ground cover and sky wards.

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These are the moments that inspire me to create. Inspired by nature…..

Susan Fae Art 2017

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Swainson’s Hawk family still near by

It has become the morning routine for this family of Hawks to stop by the playground behind my place. Today there was only one perched up on the playground bars, and the Magpies were pestering it, however, it continued to screech or call for mom! Finally I could hear the parent in the distance, then she was close enough to keep one eye on me and the other on her off spring.

Oh my!!!!! This parent Hawk has the patience of a saint! this Juvenile played around on the swings FOREVER! After much encouragement from the parent, it took off but landed just a short distance from the swings onto the ground.

By this time even I felt the vulnerability of the young hawk, now it’s sibling has just arrived and  perched itself on the swingset bars in the playground. Mom hawk is now coming at me, in the event of her distracting me, I missed the young hawk’s take off but got a few awesome flight shots.

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How does one distinguish an adult from a juvenile, and now I’ve learned a sub-adult? Here is a link to some great information on Swainson’s Hawks,

Nose Hill Park - susan fae art

I love this shot, this is a wonderful place to live. I’m thinking that this is a sub-adult, what do you think?

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Swainson’s Hawks – Patient Parent

This morning September 5, 2017 while human children were starting back to school, these two juvenile hawks were being coached by their parent to fly. The long screech of the parent hawk is like our “Coooooooooooooooooome On Your Gooooooooooooooooooing to be laaaaaate for School!”. The response from her two off spring were “No” “No” “No” or “MooooooooooM” repeatedly of course.

Adult Hawk, I’m thinking MOM! Was far off on a lamp post while the kids (juvenile Hawks) were playing in the playground, swings. The human children didn’t actually go to the swings for fear of a Hawk POO baptismal, or even an attack from a protective Parent Hawk.

In the photos you’ll see that the young Hawks were quite stubborn and Mom flew to the next closest lamp pole, and then even closer. One of the juvenile (kid hawks) took it’s sweet time of two hours before leaving.

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sore like a hawk - susan fae art

A beautiful wing span, this Fall season “spread your wings and FLY”

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Neighbourhood Hawks – Inspirational

It seems like it’s been a month or more that I’ve been listening to the screeches of hawks in the backyard of my home, which by the way faces a magnificent Natural Park Area. While in my yard; a silhouette and a swoop of  a huge bird caught my eye.

I ran inside the house to get the camera, thank goodness I had a battery & disc in the camera. My dog, had no idea what the heck I was up to but knew well enough to stay clear of my urgent, grab and dash with the camera.

Two juvenile Swainson’s Hawks were perched on the swings in the playground and the parent Hawk high above them on the lamp post. The “call and response” of the three went on and on. That mother (maybe father?) was determined to get those Hawks flying.

Once they took flight the amazing wing span and movement was a sight to see. See if you can tell which is adult and which are the young?

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move like the wind susan fae art

This Fall 2017 “take flight” have a wonderful season, and soar high.

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Adventure with friends at YYC Airport

Airport Therapy Dogs – Pre Boarding PALS Calgary

A few observations to look for in these photos;

  • did you notice that our dogs ride; the elevator, the escalator, the LINK?
  • did you notice how much our dogs and us, (the ones on the other end of the leash) are really connected, a team?
  • did you notice that once one hand is on the dog, many more follow?
  • did you notice that our dogs love it when you get down to their level, get ready for a hug?
  • did you notice how LITTLE Charlie looks next to Ava and Tina?
  • We love our dogs and can’t wait to share them with you every week.

*Guess where we are in the YYC airport.

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I’m a Winner

of : Reflecto Girl’s Lost Notebook

It’s always a lovely surprise when you win something, this prize came in the mailbox (snail mail) all the way from the UK, by Violet Plum of Violet’s veg*n e-comics.

The package was a welcomed gift, the book came with a handful of colourful postcards. Inside was an awesome journal “Bus Dpot Lost Property #2471: Reflecto Girl’s Lost notebook” and some great recipes, along with room to add my own notes and stories.

On a funny note I noticed that this issue was actually printed in Charleston, SC, USA, first addition was published in Great Britain.

*A creative adventure memo, check out this website vag design, recommended by Violet Plum.

*vegan books for children

Thank you for the gift.


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Dog Days at the YYC Airport

Pre-Boarding PALS (Pet Access League Society) at YYC Airport


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We’re back, with a new friend. Meet Wyatt, he has a few breeds bred into him:) This was his first day as an official “Airport Therapy Dog” and proved to be a natural; calm and caring therapist. Sadie and Charlie and a few others were there to show him the ropes.


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Charlie and friends continue to share the love and accept the love from friendly guests at YYC airport. Charlie made another new friend, one of the maintenance staff, he had a really cool cart that was just the right size for Charlie to parade around on. 🙂

Wyatt and Cassandra on the LINK


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Dog Day

Friday is Dog Day! Work and Play….

I know that it may seem to be a little redundant posting pictures of Calgary’s Airport Therapy Dogs every week. However, it’s crazy exciting to the people at the airport; staff, guests, us, even the dogs, sharing photos of guests dogs or guest taking pictures of our dogs is pretty special.

While we’re at the airport with our dogs, it’s like we’re one big family; staff come out of the shops and restaurants give hugs to the familiar dogs then back to work with a big smile. During our visit, we hear more than once from staff, that it’s the best part of their day when the dogs are around, or that they are so glad they came to work today.

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Hard to say what the dogs are thinking, but they do let us know when it’s time to take that vest off and for them to take a nap.

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Little Chairs for baby Dragons …. part 1

Gurple Chairs…

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My dog Charlie and I love our walks, and when Spring rolls around our “dog walks” are opportunity to find resourceful materials to create art with. During one of our walks in early May 2017, we saw these two little chairs on the outside of a fence (in the alley) with the words “FREE” attached to them.

I knew that Charlie nor I would be able to use them, but the opportunity for creativity was knocking. So the story begins.

Who would have guessed how much work goes into sanding and removing layers of yellow and orange paint, YIKES! Then, the slow process of thinking about what to do with these cute little chairs…..

Gurple ! Finally came to mind, do you remember her?

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These little chairs still have work to be done on them and will soon be a part of Gurple story time.

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